About us

Border Compounding Pharmacy in Albury NSW, is one of the first compounding pharmacies in Australia to have gained an internationally recognised accreditation for their compounding quality. We now have a new compounding pharmacy in Maroochydore QLD.

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) has granted Border Compounding Pharmacy compliance with PCAB pharmacy compounding accreditation standards.

We compound a wide variety of personalised medications, skincare and vitamins.

We are continuously researching and developing new ideas for medicine and complementary health, and to achieve this we work closely with doctors, dentists, vets, nurses, naturopaths and other health professionals. We can also work with patients who have a product that they can no longer obtain, or who wishes to have a specific medication or personal care product developed for their needs

Our experienced staff are trained in pharmaceutical science and are passionate about compounding. All of our pharmacists and technicians are qualified to compound pharmaceutical products, we use only the highest-quality ingredients to make them, and our compounding laboratory is state-of-the-art.

In addition, with two industrially-certified cosmetic formulators on staff, we have a strong focus on personalised skincare. Our BCP skincare products are the result of our ambition to redefine skincare with the combined health-care and cosmetic focus that only a pharmacist can provide.