Prantal Powder has been discontinued, but we have formulated a replacement

Looking for Prantal Powder?

BCP Sweat Free


Our product is effective in treating excessive sweating that causes skin chafing, foot odour, and skin moisture that can lead to fungal infections. It is particularly useful in areas such as the hands, feet, under arms, under breasts and in the groin area.


To apply, clean and dry the affected skin area. Apply the powder and massage thoroughly into skin twice daily or as required. Apply more frequently if perspiration is excessive.

If symptoms persist, please contact us, or consult your doctor or other health care professional.


Like the discontinued Prantal Powder, our product contains diphemanil methylsulfate (20mg/g) as an active ingredient. Our powder is formulated using only natural excipients, is aluminium-free, and is non-gritty.

Our powder is available in 100g shaker bottles.


“The diphemanil powder is wonderful. It stops sweat on my face and on my chest… [and] the carrier makes the powder very pleasant to use. I already use Hamilton Pedoz powder and Curash, but your product stays on skin better and is more “silky” than the other two powders.

OMG – I should have ordered the powder from you months/years ago… You are a “godsend”.”

— S.B., Canberra ACT


To order our Prantal Powder replacement, please contact us or just click below to purchase it securely online through our BCP Shop.