Hormones and HRT

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

During pregnancy, nausea and vomiting known as “morning sickness” is a common problem… but a treatable one. What causes it? No one knows exactly why nausea and vomiting occur during pregnancy, but the symptoms are experienced by more than 85% of pregnant women. Most experience symptoms throughout the day (making […]

Are you low in Vitamin D?

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is not technically a vitamin at all, but rather a kind of hormone that is essential for life.  It increases the absorption of calcium from foods in the gut, promotes the healthy growth of bone, and is important for the absorption of iron, magnesium, phosphate, […]

Custom hormone replacement therapy

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? A woman’s oestrogen (or estrogen) and progesterone levels rise and fall with her menstrual cycle (peaking before and after ovulation, respectively) and levels of both hormones increase markedly during pregnancy. At menopause, a woman’s oestrogen and progesterone levels fall, leading to symptoms such as: […]