What is Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding has been described as the traditional activity of a pharmacist, the creation of unique medications and health products for specific individuals

Health care is not just about disease treatment—it should also promote wellness and well-being. Unfortunately, the most appropriate medicine is not always commercially available.

Compounded products are personalised, innovative pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, made to suit an individual.

Compounding may be necessary when:

  • There is no suitable commercially available dose
  • There is no suitable commercially available dosage form (e.g. liquid forms for children)
  • The commercially available product contains ingredients that are unacceptable to the patient
  • The commercially available product is not acceptably flavoured
  • A specific combination of drugs or nutritional supplements can be delivered in a single dose form (e.g. in one capsule, to assist with compliance)
  • A formerly available commercial medication has been discontinued or is in short supply
  • There is no commercially available product

Our aim is to provide quality custom-made pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to the Albury-Wodonga region and beyond.

Some examples of our products are available on our secure BCP Shop online. Alternatively, why not contact us to discuss your medicinal or cosmetic needs with our friendly, knowledgeable staff?