Moisturising Hand Sanitiser – 80% Ethanol

As pharmacists we design skincare that not only looks after your skin but keeps it naturally healthy. One of the products we are manufacturing at the moment is our Moisturising Hand Sanitiser . Our premium hand sanitiser has been formulated to keep in line with our company philosophy, to create high end products that promote healthy skin.

Our Moisturising Hand Sanitiser has been designed by our pharmacists and cosmetic scientists with 80% ethanol which is World Health Organisation standard. Unlike other hand sanitisers, we have formulated ours in a luxurious blend of natural hydrating agents and lipids to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out.

Border Compounding Phamacy, Moisturising Hand Sanitiser  is available in-store or online.

You can purchase our Moisturising hand sanitiser here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Border Compounding Pharmacy.