Vitamins in personal care products?

Personalised skincare products… formulated exclusively for you.
Personal care products like moisturisers and shampoos are often quite complex mixtures of ingredients, but many commercial products seem to contain a bewildering and sometimes seemingly random array of ingredients that not everyone should want or need. Everyone’s skin and hair is as different as their DNA… so why shouldn’t you choose what ingredients care for them best? Different vitamins impart different properties upon a personal care product, determined by their chemistry and biological function. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for certain uses. Many beneficial actions have been described in scientific studies, as summarised below.

Vitamin C Potent antioxidant Reduces damage & hyperpigmentation from sun exposure Reduces the appearance of skin wrinkles & age spots Vitamin A Improves skin cell turnover Stimulates new blood vessel formation Promotes collagen remodelling Reduces the visible signs of ageing May reduce acne
Vitamin B3 Important for cellular metabolism Essential for healthy skin May reduce acne, rosacea & skin hyperpigmentation Reduces the visible signs of ageing Vitamin E Strong antioxidant Protects skin cell membranes from damage May assist with wound healing
Vitamin B5 Increases skin elasticity Nurtures skin against itching, dryness, and irritation Improves the appearance of age-related skin changes like wrinkles & spots May improve wound healing May reduce the visibility of old and new scars Vitamin K Reduces dark circles under eyes Assists with bruise healing May reduce rosacea
Vitamin B12 Necessary for metabolism of fatty & amino acids Important in DNA synthesis May relieve eczema & psoriasis Coenzyme Q10 Potent antioxidant Heals & repairs Increases collagen production May protect against damage from sun exposure Reduces the appearance of skin wrinkles & age spots

Many of these vitamins are not generally available in commercial products, but we stock them all. Several vitamins with different properties can be combined into a single product, and they may be combined with other ingredients (e.g. natural oils) to enhance their characteristics. Any ingredient can be sourced and incorporated as required.

We have the expertise to prepare your personal care product in the way you wish it could be! BCP products are unique, because they are formulated by pharmacists.

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