Cannabidiol over the counter?

cannabidiol over the counter

Everybody’s heard the growing hype around cannabidiol and medicinal marijuana. Whilst the hype often and untruthfully makes them out to be some form of medical panacea, there is strong evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness in pain and inflammation.

Invest Albury Wodonga: Business Feature: Albury Wodonga to the world

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Invest Albury Wodonga: Business Feature: Albury Wodonga to the world

Six years ago, recognising the insurmountable hurdles, intense competition and sky high overheads associated with starting a business in Brisbane, or any other capital city, Ben Eshelby sought the chance to start a business in a regional city.

Disenchanted with the traditional community pharmacy business model, Ben knew he wanted to create a business that provided tailored solutions for its customers.

“More and more frequently, people are requesting and requiring medicines that are not commercially made,” Ben said.

“We make personalised pharmaceutical and skincare solutions for those who cannot find what they need off-the-shelf.”

Border Compounding Pharmacy started in Lavington in 2013, before relocating to the Albury CBD at the end of 2017.

Why does my moisturiser sting?

eczema treatment

When a moisturiser stings your skin there’s possibly a number of things at play, but generally it’s caused by one ingredient that’s common to all moisturisers: water. It is true that alcohols, fragrances and other ingredients can irritate your skin, but generally they are in a very low concentration and shouldn’t cause any stinging.

Most people will have experienced the slight burning when pool water or tap water gets up their nose. This is caused by a difference in salt concentrations between the pool or tap water and the water or fluid that exists in the cells of the nose. The cells of the nose rapidly swell causing the nerves to send signals to the brain that something is not right! 

Pro-Biotic vs Pre-Biotic

Pro-Biotoc vs Pre-Biotic - Border Compounding Pharmacy

Everyone’s heard of the term Pro-Biotic. It’s a buzz word that surrounds everything from yoghurt, to fermented foods to baby formula and more recently to skin care.  The term pro-biotic is generally accepted to mean a live culture of bacteria that is used to exert a therapeutic effect.

The Border Mail: Albury pharmacy’s tailor-made success


Border Compounding Pharmacy is offering the Albury-Wodonga community an ever-increasing range of individually tailored health, wellness and skincare solutions. Proud joint winners of the Albury Wodonga Business Awards Most Outstanding Micro Business category, Border Compounding Pharmacy is now in a new central location in Smollett Street, Albury. The pharmacy boasts a larger state-of-the-art laboratory, which allows for development of an even wider range of products. The latest of these are tailor-made skincare products, made on site, uniquely for the individual following a skincare analysis. 

The work of a true skincare professional

Compounding Pharmacists - Border Compounding Pharmacy

When a pharmacist designs a cream, it is created with a true understanding of human physiology, biochemistry and histology. Every ingredient is analyzed and used only if it is of benefit to enhancing the health of the skin.